I am going to live forever

Coffee has been receiving quite a few “scientific” accolades over the past half-decade or so – As a coffee swiller (as opposed to snob…I’ll take mine black, with extra sludge, TYVM), I’m inclined to skip reading the research and take these “studies” as gospel.  Today’s, especially so:

People who drink up to seven cups of coffee a day can significantly cut their chances of early death, a new study suggests.

A review of more than 200 previous investigations found the substance is “more likely to benefit health than harm it”, indicating even heavy users were safe.

The research by the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh found that three or four cups every day was the optimum number, associated with a 17 per cent reduced chance of death compared to people who drink none.

Yes, tomorrow (I’m on West Coast time at the moment) is Thanksgiving Day, but in keeping with my 2017 New Year’s resolution, I believe I’ll toss back seven cups of coffee rather than seven Rye and Gingers.


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