Browsing Amazon over the morning’s third coffee

Via Little Fears, I’ve found my next diversion from obese, ill, rude, inebriated, over-medicated, or all of the above fellow passengers on my frequent red-eye trips – A mini-tome on arachnophobia.  Longtime friends know that I fear no man or beast on this earth except for spiders, the mere glimpse of which has me hopping atop a chair like a 1960’s sitcom mother who has just spied a mouse.

If anything is going to save the Little Fears from awful punch lines, it is not Shadow eating a sandwich. In Spiders, Great British groaners are the order of the day as the assembled Little Fears make their way through 94 tales of hospitals, food, steps, night sight telescopes and revenge. Rabbit eats a password book; Spider goes to the hospital; Fish multi-tasks; Lady observes X; Sprite has a chain reaction. Written and posted with scruffy illustrations daily on These brief vignettes (50 to 100 words) chronicle the continuing adventures of the Little Fears. With only a sense of whimsy and a deep love of old British comedy, Spiders will make you groan, cry and laugh until a bit of wee comes out, in a truly original, unoriginal, work of art and fiction.

British humor?  Yes, please.  And color me gobsmacked at the variety of other little tomes available from Little Fears as well.

2 thoughts on “Browsing Amazon over the morning’s third coffee”

    1. You are most welcome…I enjoy your site very much, and have ordered “Spiders”, it looks to be exactly what’s needed for long flights AND the five minutes or so I’m able to stay awake to read at night 😉


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