First the Google IPO, now this

I’m virtually certain I was among the first couple of thousand users of Google, I discovered it quite by accident in 1997 (laughably, via a Yahoo search for “search engines”), and replaced Yahoo with it immediately.  Of course, when Google’s IPO came out, I was cash strapped, and didn’t have the confidence to take a loan in order to fund a stock purchase – Had I done so, I’d have been long retired.

Likewise, I was an early adopter of Bitcoin, struggling through tutorials on blockchain technology and tentatively making a few online purchases from stores in Germany that carry goods my bride uses to create her fantastic German dishes (we are both 1/2 German by ancestry, on our Mother’s side, German ancestry is quite common in Texas, and both of our fathers married German ladies while stationed in what was then West Germany, to boot).  The stores offered significant discounts to buyers who used Bitcoin rather than credit cards, significant enough to march through the painful  learning curve for obtaining and using cryptocurrency.

At the time, BTC were trading for around $1,500 / 1 BTC.  While browsing around this morning I note that the price as of this moment is $11,700 / 1 BTC.

Imagine.  If I’d simply purchased 5,000 or so Satoshis and just let them sit, I’d be a millionaire several times over by now.

Thus I demonstrate that I am never to be consulted for investment advice.  I’ll be working until age 65 (which is not that far away – under a decade, anyhow), or perhaps age 75, all due to skepticism.

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