Travel Diary: Day four, at sea

Well, I paid off my shipboard credit account with my casino winnings – Yes, it hurt me to my soul to see all of that money disappear, but it was “free money” anyhow, and now I’ll have no bill when we return to Port Canaveral.

My sciatica (aggravated at times by the wounds I received via 81mm mortar fire in 1989) has been acting up for the past two days…Thank goodness for Bahamian 500mg / 8mg Paracetamol / Codeine. I picked up two 32 tablet boxes since Trump is so worried about the “opioid crisis”, 8mg of Codeine Phosphate never killed anyone, and it is a wonderful analgesic.

This morning’s pictures:

More later, it is only 0800 hours at sea.

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