Travel Diary: Panama City (PC), FL, day three, part I

Since my decrepit a** can’t seem to sleep past 0500, I find myself yet again preparing to go for a jog as the bride sleeps the sleep of the Just and righteous.

I, of course, am neither of those things, which is probably why I find myself living the old man’s version of Ranger school 24/7 – 365. It’s no less than I deserve, all things considered.

Today’s agenda, weather permitting, is an entire day at the beach, alternating swimming, sunbathing (well, napping, really – With my bride awakening me to turn over every hour), and drinking cheap beer. The Chimay Grand Reserve is for evenings only, and even then only while vacationing.

The UPS store called last night to inform me that I have my own corner of their storage area filled with Amazon and EBay packages, so I have a great deal of present wrapping to do when I arrive home…I may have to make an exception to the Chimay rule.

Until later then, my friends.

UPDATE: Weather doesn’t seem conducive to a day at the beach, have to find something indoors to do.

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