eGo AIO by Joyetech

I picked up one of these on Sunday, and have been so happy with it that I returned to Grog Fog for another yesterday. At $37 (especially with a 10% military discount), the price can’t be beat.

With it’s 2ml tank, childproof and leakproof features, universal USB (car, wall, laptop) charger, adjustable draw, and ease of refilling and use, plus it’s tiny footprint (the device and a 10ml refill bottle of e-juice fit easily into a jeans pocket), it is perfect for me.

I quit smoking cigarettes three years ago with the aid of vaping, and I vape far less than I smoked, even my bride approves of the switch, and she’s a far bigger health nut than I am (no mean feat, that – With my diet and exercise regimen and the $50 a month or so I spend on Coq10, vitamin D, Krill oil, and Resveratrol, I’m pretty high maintenance).

So if you’re a vaper, try one of these out at your favorite shop, I think you’ll like it.

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