Travel Diary: Panama City (PC), FL, day five, part I

This is supposed to be a vacation, correct? Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m having a wonderful time with my bride, who I see all too little of these days due to business travel…But my Fitbit tells me that in addition to running two miles each morning, I’m averaging seven miles a day of walking.

I’ve lost six pounds since boarding Royal Caribbean’s “Majesty of the Sea” on December twelfth…Are not people supposed to gain weight on vacation?

These are the things that vex me.

At least I’ve avoided the dreaded gift wrapping ordeal awaiting me on my arrival home, I purchased small, medium, and large gift bags at Dollar General yesterday, all I need do now is swing by the Amazon locker and the UPS store on Saturday, surreptitiously remove the gifts from their mailing boxes / padded envelopes, place them in bags, and write names on the tags thoughtfully provided with each bag.

Look, my Company Commander once told me when I was a young second lieutenant: “Son, when it’s time for you to be uncomfortable, the army will arrange for it in spades. Until then, grill steaks and drink booze.”

Sage advice, which I follow to this day.

So, off for this mornings run, then back to the resort to clean up…There are thunderstorms in the forecast all day, so we may well pursue indoor activities today. No, not that sort of indoor activity, get your minds out of the gutter!

We’re old, and besides, I’m all out of Viagra until January’s prescription is filled 😉

‘bis Spater,

Your correspondent

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