Pardon my French, but this pisses me off

I can’t count any longer the number of these I get in a week, all printed to look like communications from the VA or DoD.  It is a scam, folks – They give you less (significantly less) than what it would sell at on the market, hoping you’re in desperate straits and need to sell ASAP.

One a week I could handle.  Seven a week is a bit much.

Like any other accomplishment in life (not that Veteran’s status is a huge accomplishment, believe me), it comes with privileges and responsibilities.  For example, the VFW dragged me in to serve as Sergeant at Arms during meetings, simply because by virtue of having attended countless officer’s dining ins, I know Robert’s Rules of Order backwards and forwards.

Privileges and responsibilities are fine, they come with the bargain.  Aggravation, however, does not.

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