Coins R fun

Why Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Doesn’t Carry Challenge Coins: ‘I’m Saving Money for Bombs’

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald Speaks To Veterans Before An All Female Honor Flight

“Tell him his Marines love him,” he added.

When that message was relayed to Mattis by this reporter, the defense secretary smiled and said he didn’t have coins.

“I’m saving money for bombs,” he replied.

The story encapsulates how Mattis has approached his first year as Defense Secretary: laser-focused on combat-effectiveness, fiscal responsibility, and maintaining a low-profile.

“Mattis sees his job as carrying out the president’s military priorities and that’s it. He doesn’t see his job as making policy or ‘fixing’ President Trump’s agenda,” said Rebeccah L. Heinrichs, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute.

Mattis is clearly a far better man than I – These are just the coins I keep on my nightstand so that I can throw one in my pocket daily:


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