Mother’s milk

All things that are old have become new again.

From 1990 – 1992 in the quarters at Kitzingen there were no such things as Keurig machines, one purchased a “Mr. Coffee” at the PX and hoped it lasted the length of your assignment (those d***** machines broke on the regular).  So the first two things you’d do before taking a shower would be to run out to your POV in PJ’s and a parka to start it up and run the heater, then start a pot of coffee so that you’d have enough for a cup over breakfast and a thermos to take with you on the drive over to Downs Barracks.

Well d*** if I didn’t just run out to the car (fully dressed by now, of course) and crank it up, turn the heater to full blast, then return to the house to make a third cup of Keurig to drink while the car warms up so that I can drive it to Starbucks and fetch the wife’s Pumpkin Spice Latte.

On the agenda today, haircut, lunch with an old NGC buddy, and purchasing a better vaping device than the cheap one I picked up in Panama City.  That those tasks seem exhausting thinking about them isn’t a good sign,

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