It’s the Cowboys.  Well, it’s Roger Goodell and the NFL, really, but I don’t feel particularly bad for Dallas…Growing up in Texas I was always a Houston Oilers fan.  As Bum Phillips said, “The Cowboys might be America’s team, but the Oiler’s are Texas’ team”.

This social justice s*** is going to eat America alive.  It’s all I can do not to argue with my grown a** daughters about it…And dammit, I miss football.

As expected, the Cowboys’ season finale clocked in with the team’s lowest Sunday television rating of the season in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.The Cowboys’ 6-0 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles earned a 23.6 rating, which represents 625,046 homes in the area. That bettered only the season low, which came on Thanksgiving when the Cowboys’ loss to the Los Angeles Chargers earned a relatively microscopic 18.6. That represented 492,621 homes. By the way, ratings, which gauge homes tuned in, are usually lower on Thanksgiving because folks tend to gather in one home. Still, the 18.6 is stunning. The 2016 Thanksgiving game, for example, scored a 30.0 against Washington.

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