Hingham, MA, day two, part I

All employed individuals must eat some number of s*** sandwiches on a weekly basis. I did not expect my first one with this employer to be a foot long, but as Ranger Jankovic used to say while we were telling TINS tales about our respective experiences at Ranger School, “I told myself every day: ‘I’ll quit tomorrow – Right up until the day I tabbed out.'” (“Tabbed Out” is when one is notified that one has received a GO on all required stations, passed the required number of graded PL (Patrol Leader) assignments, and passed the required number of peer reviews…The rest of the course is no walk in the park after that shining moment, but unless one kicks a Ranger Instructor, or the Command Sergeant Major or Commander of the remaining phase(s) in the b****, one can rest assured they are guaranteed the coveted black and gold)).

I’ll quit tomorrow, and gargle with Everclear tonight, s*** sandwich is consumed. I will be living / working in Massachusetts, not Florida, more’s the pity.

The rest of the day pales in comparison, no need to write about any of it. The nugget of corn in the sandwich (there’s always at least one, right?), is that my seated dumbbell curl weight (one rep max) went up by five pounds this morning (BEFORE I was handed my sandwich – PLEASE don’t consider that sandwich a nutrition recommendation), and tomorrow is an off day, no weights, just my morning jog.

Out here.

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