Hingham, MA, day eight

This is some old bulls***:


The “office” is closed tomorrow, so assuming I have power, I can at least work from “home” over the VPN – Boring work, putting together a description of why the 5.56 round fired from an M-4 Carbine is as effective as it is for programmers who’ve never fired a weapon in their lives.

Pretty standard day otherwise – Cooking meals that are easy to heat over a fire in case the power DOES go out.  All of the equipment in the gym is LifeFitness stuff and dumbbells, so no electricity required to get a workout in, and I’ve run five miles in the past in a h*** of a lot more than 18″ of snow, which is what we’re expecting tomorrow.

If you’re in the path of the storm, prepare tonight, and stay safe tomorrow.

Out here.

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