Hingham, MA, day nine, part I

It’s 0200 here, just woke up slapping myself in the face again (that stupid dream about the freaking bugs in Panama), and as usual, I’ll probably be up for an hour before I can get back to sleep.

Just looked out the front door, not a flake of snow to be seen…Either a) As I’ve always suspected, “meteorologists” just make s*** up, or b) The hideous expected snowfall will start after I go to bed.  I can hear the wind, anyway, and the current forecast for today looks like this right now:


No matter.  My track suit and sweater are all laid out for my 0530 run, and odds are I’ll be the only person in the gym at 0600.  Fine with me.

WTH.  I’ll drink a 32g protein shake in a minute, then go lie down and force myself back to sleep, it’s chest / back day today, I’m going to need all the protein I can force down…This one and leg day are my two toughest sessions of the week.

You know, at age 53 all of this exercise is probably an indicator of insanity anyhow, one would think it would at least allow me to sleep through the night.

Out here.

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