Hingham, MA, day nine, part III – Dorian’s way

Meh.  That wasn’t even uncomfortable.  Too many years in Germany I suppose, “miserable” for most folks is refreshing for me…Even after living in Georgia for the past 19 years.

The run was actually pleasant, it’s hard to work up a sweat in +/- 40 degree weather with sheets of freezing rain coming down.  The gym, on the other hand, well, that was unpleasant, but it’s supposed to be.

Today’s nemeses:

It’s far too early to evaluate this new hybrid HIT training routine I copied directly from Dorian Yates’ description of it (the man has been retired for years, he has no reason to keep secrets about his training) – There’s obviously no visible difference in my appearance, but I will say this: I’m getting a lot stronger, and rapidly so.  I’ll give the routine twelve weeks before deciding how much I like it, by then it will be time to switch up training plans anyhow.  If you do the same thing every week all year around, your body gets used to it and gains come more slowly, if at all…But that’s news to no one.

Cool off, take a shower, get dressed (even on days when the office is closed, I can’t seem to bring myself to wear sweats or pajamas…It’s a work day, even if I’m working from “home”), then prepare for my 0800 check-in call with the boss.  So far, the great blizzard of March, 2018, is a major disappointment.

Out here.

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