Hingham, MA, day ten, part I

From Tombstone:

Wyatt Earp: “How you feelin’ Doc?”

“Doc” Holliday: “Wyatt, I am rolling.”

Well, this day, I am rolling.  Boss called at 2145 hours last night to tell me he’s taking the rest of the week off to hang out with his kids during their Spring Break, so there will be no one looking over my shoulder for the rest of the week.  The streets are clear of snow, although there are 18-foot piles of “Connecticut Cocaine” pushed to either side of them by the plows that ran from 0900 – 2300 last night, so this morning’s run was in nicely cold weather, but no tromping through snow…I know my sneakers appreciate that.

No weights today, I’m lifting so heavy that I’ve decided to go back to a very old split I used to follow: Tuesday, chest and back, Thursday, biceps and triceps, Saturday legs, and Sunday delts and traps.  After all these years, no one needs to remind me that muscles grow when they are recovering, not while they are being worked – So let’s give them plenty of time to recover, and make sure protein intake stays at 300g / day seven days a week and carbs at 50-ish grams per day on rest days and 100-120g per day on weight training days, give them plenty of fuel to grow as well.

Should be an easy ride to the weekend for the rest of this week, and at my age, one has learned to appreciate that.

Out here.

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