Hingham, MA, day ten, part II

It’s hard out here for a Gimp, so one for my homies me.  No, two for me, then Thor: The Dark World on Xfinity On Demand, then bed.


Dinner was supremely uninteresting, half of a Rotisserie chicken, peas, and a salad…Food for the body, not the soul.  Man, before I got old and my metabolism went to h***, I’d have snacked on some Brie with slices of baguette while fixing Chicken Alfredo or something else delightful, but alas, I did get old, just as I knew I would (All of my Brothers at Georgia’s Senior Military College thought I’d perish before reaching age twenty-six: That for them).

I have, by the way, never understood why everyone celebrates Wednesday as “hump day” (unless that’s code for an activity I shan’t mention – If so, go to it young ones, we old folks, especially road warriors, have to quite literally schedule that on Google calendar with a reminder two days in advance)…Wednesday evenings always find me worn down from the two previous ten or twelve hour work days and 0300 calls from the programmers in India, surly, grumpy, and generally unpleasant to be around.  On the rare occasions I’m home on a Wednesday, I generally banish myself to my basement man cave and watch movies with horses, six-shooters, and rough men in uniform who say what they mean and mean what they say – Movies and the armed services are, for the most part, the only place such men are to be found these days (well, also among the retired – They’ve done their time, and take s*** from no one).

There’s nothing like a man cave, the walls lined with all of the diplomas, certificates, shadow boxes, and awards earned over a career, along with pictures of a more youthful version of oneself in some godforsaken jungle, forest, or desert grinning from ear to ear with a group of other fellows…Even if too many of those other fellows now reside at Arlington.  My father and his father had their own man caves, and it was understood among us children and grandchildren that even should the door be left wide open, one didn’t enter without knocking.  Mainly, we knew better even than to knock – If the old man was in there, odds were very good the last thing he wanted to see was you.  So it was with my man cave in every set of quarters my own family ever occupied, the only difference was that in the 80’s I had a small TV and a VCR, and in the 90’s a larger TV and a DVD player – And in the aughts a 42″ flat screen with thousands of video selections to stream from Netflix, and now of course Amazon Prime and Hulu as well.  My father and grandfather had only books, which is no doubt why they were both more well-read than I myself am…and I’m pretty damned well-read, as are most former combat arms branched officers, we quote Tennyson and Kipling to each other during reunions (mainly Kipling, in my own estimation the most widely read poet among men who have signed that blank check for everything up to and including their lives), cherish the works of Michael Shaara and W.E.B. Griffin, and are slowly but surely acquiring Kindle readers so that we can read on the road without weighing down our baggage with a couple of books for every trip.

I’ll feel better tomorrow.  Thursday is a weight training day, which forces all other thoughts out of my head for the time I’m in the gym, and Thursday is the day before Friday – Wonderful Friday, when everyone at work is in “f*** it” mode, and many have a flight home to catch before heading back out on the road Sunday evening.  Me, I consider myself lucky, two months separation from my wife “ain’t no thang”, we’ve been separated for much longer than that during my first career, and during this separation we can Facetime or Skype rather than write letters, and no one is shooting at me, firing mortars at me, or dropping bombs on me, which makes her life a lot easier – Unless someone busts a cap in my a** because they like my watch, odds are I’ll be home safe and sound.

Sigh.  Time for that second glass of nectar, then the cork in the bottle and some Thor to watch.

Out here.

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