Hingham, MA, day eleven, part II

Of Not-So-Bad men and gym etiquette:

I suppose I’m still surly this week.  I went to the men’s room in between sets of standing dumbbell curls (thought I was going to puke – I killed my biceps today), and upon my return a pinch-faced woman about my age in skin tight leopard print tights was doing some sort of whack a** rotation stretching in front of the mirror, obviously fascinated with herself.  She’d placed a mat on the floor behind her, which I didn’t notice, as I was fascinated with her fascination with herself, and gods forbid, I stepped on a corner of her mat trying to get around her without being smacked in the face by one of her whirling arms…And she stops, turns to me, and pinching her face even further, says snippily “Can you not step on my mat?  You’re wearing sneakers.”  Then goes back to her routine.

Just damn.  Of course I’m wearing sneakers – so are you, lady, we’re in a gym!

So I snarled to myself through my final biceps sets, then completed my triceps training, gathered my sweater, towel, iPhone, and car keys, and as I had to maneuver my way around her and between a couple of Lifefitness machines on my way out of the gym, I noticed now she’s doing some sort of rabbit hopping thing – On the mat, wearing sneakers.

I couldn’t help myself.  I stopped next to her, and snapped “Hey – Can you not step on your mat?  You’re wearing sneakers.”

The look on her face almost soothed my rage at the “Assault Weapons” discussion they were having on the local Boston TV station during my triceps workout.  Almost.

Out here.

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