Hingham, MA, day eleven, part III

Well damn:

Antifa Radical Charged with Hateful Vandalism Raises Over $80k Thanks to L.A. Times Article. Ismael Chamu allegedly spray-painted people’s cars and fences with “F— White People” and other epithets.”

$80k?  Makes me want to buy a few cans of spray paint – But then again, given what I’d paint (epithets unnecessary) it probably wouldn’t result in a GoFundMe, the charges would stick and I’d have to do some time.  And then I’d refuse to shave my head and get a Swastika tattoo (my wife is a black lady, that s*** is against everything I stand for) or join up with the skinheads, the  black guys would shank me to death because I’d have no protection, and my wife would be a rich woman given all the life insurance I carry on myself.

Oh-oh.  She’s probably having Lowe’s ship a case of spray paint to me right now.

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