Hingham, MA, day sixteen, part II

Works every time.  When hell breaks loose in my head, punishing my body fixes it.  By the time I finished my run and hit the gym early this morning, I was, as always, too exhausted to stress out or be angry – And the commute from Hingham to Cambridge is no problem when you leave at 0600.

Being the first one to arrive at the office also gives me the first crack at the coffee machine, three cups consumed before anyone else badges in has me happy, healthy, and well.

I’m not here to give advice, this is more or less a “stream of consciousness” blog, meant for my own use in reviewing old entries to see if I’m slacking in any important areas so that I can fix them.  We Baby Boomers aren’t much for seeing shrinks, we prefer to try fixing ourselves (sort of like a shade tree mechanic for your own life)…But if I had any advice to impart, it would be to start exercising if you haven’t already.  I’m fortunate in that I’ve been athletic since Pop Warner football in the early 70’s, but there have been periods (some of them quite long) since I left the army when I found an excuse to skip daily exercise, and those are the periods I always begin to fall apart in other areas.  It’s easy to make excuses not to exercise (“I’m too tired today”, “I don’t have any time for it today”, etc., etc.), but getting back into the routine is much more difficult than foregoing it.  Especially at my age, when something, somewhere hurts every day, whether I’m exercising or not.

Out here.

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