Hingham, MA, day seventeen, part I

Al Gore must be giving a speech somewhere today – We’re in for another 6″ of snow starting at about 1600 hours and running through tomorrow morning.  Perfect timing for the office to be open until the first flakes start falling, then closed at the same time every other business in Boston and Cambridge closes, causing a horrible rush hour this afternoon.

I’d call in and tell them I’ll work from home today, but another holdover from my soldiering days is that if you want to be selected early for promotion, never go on sick call, get a profile, or be put on light duty – Don’t be that guy.  Be the guy that’s up two hours before he has to be, showered, shaved, dressed, and ready to go out the door an hour before you actually plan to leave.  Eliminate the risk of being late for a formation, and if you’re in a command position, always be the first man to arrive for formation (that’s often a competition between yourself and your platoon sergeant,  first sergeant, or sergeant major – Those guys delight in getting there before you do).

So I’ve been here at the office since 0600, fueled by a Red Bull and three coffees, and I’ll stick around until 1700 unless they close the office early.  I’ve already heard rumblings about “f****** with the bell curve” (this is academia, after all), but that’s not my intention at all, I could give a rat’s a** when anyone else gets to work – MY a** is the one that I’m responsible for covering, and it has enough scars on it, I don’t need any more of them.  It shall remain well-covered.

Out here.


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