Hingham, MA, day eleven, part II

Of Not-So-Bad men and gym etiquette:

I suppose I’m still surly this week.  I went to the men’s room in between sets of standing dumbbell curls (thought I was going to puke – I killed my biceps today), and upon my return a pinch-faced woman about my age in skin tight leopard print tights was doing some sort of whack a** rotation stretching in front of the mirror, obviously fascinated with herself.  She’d placed a mat on the floor behind her, which I didn’t notice, as I was fascinated with her fascination with herself, and gods forbid, I stepped on a corner of her mat trying to get around her without being smacked in the face by one of her whirling arms…And she stops, turns to me, and pinching her face even further, says snippily “Can you not step on my mat?  You’re wearing sneakers.”  Then goes back to her routine.

Just damn.  Of course I’m wearing sneakers – so are you, lady, we’re in a gym!

So I snarled to myself through my final biceps sets, then completed my triceps training, gathered my sweater, towel, iPhone, and car keys, and as I had to maneuver my way around her and between a couple of Lifefitness machines on my way out of the gym, I noticed now she’s doing some sort of rabbit hopping thing – On the mat, wearing sneakers.

I couldn’t help myself.  I stopped next to her, and snapped “Hey – Can you not step on your mat?  You’re wearing sneakers.”

The look on her face almost soothed my rage at the “Assault Weapons” discussion they were having on the local Boston TV station during my triceps workout.  Almost.

Out here.

Hingham, MA, day eleven, part I

Just finished up an 0300 call with the boys in India…Hey, when life hands you lemons…


No one else is going to be in the gym at 0430, might as well have it all to myself.  The 25g of protein in the shaker cup is just to give my body something to work with while I train, I’ll force down 50g post workout with 25g of carbs to let it soak in.

Out here.

Hingham, MA, day ten, part II

It’s hard out here for a Gimp, so one for my homies me.  No, two for me, then Thor: The Dark World on Xfinity On Demand, then bed.

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Hingham, MA, day ten, part I

From Tombstone:

Wyatt Earp: “How you feelin’ Doc?”

“Doc” Holliday: “Wyatt, I am rolling.”

Well, this day, I am rolling.  Boss called at 2145 hours last night to tell me he’s taking the rest of the week off to hang out with his kids during their Spring Break, so there will be no one looking over my shoulder for the rest of the week.  The streets are clear of snow, although there are 18-foot piles of “Connecticut Cocaine” pushed to either side of them by the plows that ran from 0900 – 2300 last night, so this morning’s run was in nicely cold weather, but no tromping through snow…I know my sneakers appreciate that.

No weights today, I’m lifting so heavy that I’ve decided to go back to a very old split I used to follow: Tuesday, chest and back, Thursday, biceps and triceps, Saturday legs, and Sunday delts and traps.  After all these years, no one needs to remind me that muscles grow when they are recovering, not while they are being worked – So let’s give them plenty of time to recover, and make sure protein intake stays at 300g / day seven days a week and carbs at 50-ish grams per day on rest days and 100-120g per day on weight training days, give them plenty of fuel to grow as well.

Should be an easy ride to the weekend for the rest of this week, and at my age, one has learned to appreciate that.

Out here.

Hingham, MA, day nine, part V

Part V?  Really?  Well, I guess that’s what working from “home” begets.  Sadly, the office will be open tomorrow and things will go back to normal, I’ve enjoyed the day by myself, got a lot of work done over the VPN and on conference calls, cleaned up the kitchen, hell, I even took a nap.

Just chowed down on dinner: Grass fed beef patties (Trader Joe’s), topped with bacon (Shop & Save), cheddar cheese (Trader Joe’s), a dash of seasoned salt (Trader Joe’s), and diced red onion (Trader Joe’s), with a teaspoon of Trader Joe’s Deli Style Spicy Mustard (not shown). Mighty tasty.  Mighty and tasty.  Oh, and it’s not that I’m low-carbing and afraid of hamburger buns, it’s that I’m out of bread and buns altogether, and I wasn’t about to venture out into the ice and snow just for that…


Next time I think I’ll throw a fried egg on top of each patty as well.

Out here.

Hingham, MA, day nine, part IV

Thar she blows!  The winter storm that was supposed to hit us at 2000 last night has just arrived:


You can’t tell from the image, but the wind is just howling away – Those bushes lie nearly on their side every few minutes.  The plows and trucks are already running the neighborhood…Just as well I’m an early riser, got my exercise in before the arrival of the great storm.

Out here.

Hingham, MA, day nine, part III – Dorian’s way

Meh.  That wasn’t even uncomfortable.  Too many years in Germany I suppose, “miserable” for most folks is refreshing for me…Even after living in Georgia for the past 19 years.

The run was actually pleasant, it’s hard to work up a sweat in +/- 40 degree weather with sheets of freezing rain coming down.  The gym, on the other hand, well, that was unpleasant, but it’s supposed to be.

Today’s nemeses:

It’s far too early to evaluate this new hybrid HIT training routine I copied directly from Dorian Yates’ description of it (the man has been retired for years, he has no reason to keep secrets about his training) – There’s obviously no visible difference in my appearance, but I will say this: I’m getting a lot stronger, and rapidly so.  I’ll give the routine twelve weeks before deciding how much I like it, by then it will be time to switch up training plans anyhow.  If you do the same thing every week all year around, your body gets used to it and gains come more slowly, if at all…But that’s news to no one.

Cool off, take a shower, get dressed (even on days when the office is closed, I can’t seem to bring myself to wear sweats or pajamas…It’s a work day, even if I’m working from “home”), then prepare for my 0800 check-in call with the boss.  So far, the great blizzard of March, 2018, is a major disappointment.

Out here.