Hm, that wasn’t so bad

After liberally indulging in adult beverages from December 10 – December 31, I was honestly expecting the shakes when January 1 rolled around and I hopped back on the wagon (my imbibing these days is limited to my birthday, vacations, and holidays – Otherwise I’ll gain a hundred pounds and engage in sloth).

Besides, I’ve drunk enough for three men at my age – Irish and German heritage lend themselves to over-indulgence, it’s pretty much time to cut the s***.

No shakes or other manifestations of withdrawal though, which is good – That means one less thing to dread at the end of next year.

eGo AIO by Joyetech

I picked up one of these on Sunday, and have been so happy with it that I returned to Grog Fog for another yesterday. At $37 (especially with a 10% military discount), the price can’t be beat.

With it’s 2ml tank, childproof and leakproof features, universal USB (car, wall, laptop) charger, adjustable draw, and ease of refilling and use, plus it’s tiny footprint (the device and a 10ml refill bottle of e-juice fit easily into a jeans pocket), it is perfect for me.

I quit smoking cigarettes three years ago with the aid of vaping, and I vape far less than I smoked, even my bride approves of the switch, and she’s a far bigger health nut than I am (no mean feat, that – With my diet and exercise regimen and the $50 a month or so I spend on Coq10, vitamin D, Krill oil, and Resveratrol, I’m pretty high maintenance).

So if you’re a vaper, try one of these out at your favorite shop, I think you’ll like it.

Travel Diary: Panama City (PC), FL, day four, part IV

The obligatory Starbucks accomplished, the day starts in earnest.

First, a visit to Grog Fog for more of that wonderful “Cookie Crunch” e-juice…100ml of it, to last me awhile.

Then (and my non-Infantry Brothers give me endless grief about this), a 45-minute pedicure. Trust me, when your feet were your primary mode of transportation for eight years of active duty and twelve years of National Guard and USAR time, it behooves you to care for them in your declining years as diligently as you did in your youth.

I now await 1400 hours for this:

After which a nap will no doubt be required.

I am going to live forever

Coffee has been receiving quite a few “scientific” accolades over the past half-decade or so – As a coffee swiller (as opposed to snob…I’ll take mine black, with extra sludge, TYVM), I’m inclined to skip reading the research and take these “studies” as gospel.  Today’s, especially so:

People who drink up to seven cups of coffee a day can significantly cut their chances of early death, a new study suggests.

A review of more than 200 previous investigations found the substance is “more likely to benefit health than harm it”, indicating even heavy users were safe.

The research by the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh found that three or four cups every day was the optimum number, associated with a 17 per cent reduced chance of death compared to people who drink none.

Yes, tomorrow (I’m on West Coast time at the moment) is Thanksgiving Day, but in keeping with my 2017 New Year’s resolution, I believe I’ll toss back seven cups of coffee rather than seven Rye and Gingers.