Used to be…

When I got a nasty cold or virus, I could conquer it in three days or so.  Ah, but I was young then, and in prime physical condition.

All of the shopping trips my wife has sent me on since my return from Alexandria seem to have exposed me to an ugly, nasty sinus infection – I haven’t slept more than two hours in three nights, thus the lack of hot air here.

Give me some time to gobble down enough Aleve-D Sinus and Cold, Sudafed, and locally produced honey, and I’ll be back in the saddle.

Adios for now.

A warm-up and a jog seem to be just the thing…

To make showering possible.  The cold weather here and the cool water in the hotel combine to make a sort of Swedish bath…The exercise raises my temperature enough to make it bearable.

Sure are a lot of joggers here, but considering most of them are active or retired military that makes sense, I suppose.

A further blessing is that there’s a Starbucks right on the way to the Metro station, one Venti Americano equals about three regular coffees.  That leaves only two regular coffees to consume once I get to work before I stop glaring at everyone who speaks to me.

Off for day two at the puzzle palace, Lord, let this trip go quickly.

Mother’s milk

All things that are old have become new again.

From 1990 – 1992 in the quarters at Kitzingen there were no such things as Keurig machines, one purchased a “Mr. Coffee” at the PX and hoped it lasted the length of your assignment (those d***** machines broke on the regular).  So the first two things you’d do before taking a shower would be to run out to your POV in PJ’s and a parka to start it up and run the heater, then start a pot of coffee so that you’d have enough for a cup over breakfast and a thermos to take with you on the drive over to Downs Barracks.

Well d*** if I didn’t just run out to the car (fully dressed by now, of course) and crank it up, turn the heater to full blast, then return to the house to make a third cup of Keurig to drink while the car warms up so that I can drive it to Starbucks and fetch the wife’s Pumpkin Spice Latte.

On the agenda today, haircut, lunch with an old NGC buddy, and purchasing a better vaping device than the cheap one I picked up in Panama City.  That those tasks seem exhausting thinking about them isn’t a good sign,

Good grief, it feels like Camp Merrill in January out there

A couple of times I found myself with the odd urge to forage for blueberries.

The range has a cleaning room, which I avail myself of for two reasons: Keeping my own cleaning kit pristine for when I really need it, and the avoidance of making a mess at home, for which my wife would give me at least 100 lashes.  There was only one other shooter firing early this morning, an elderly gentleman with a First Cavalry Division baseball hat and a 505th PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment – Part of the 82nd Airborne Division) windbreaker on.  I greeted him and told him my son spent two years with “H-Minus” before moving on to his current duty station at the 4th Infantry Division’s First Brigade Combat Team, We talked a bit as we cleaned our weapons, about jump school, Benning, TINS (This is no s***) tales, and mutual acquaintances, then gathered up our targets and prepared to leave.

Noting the top target on my stack, he grinned and asked “Ranger or SF?”

“Just a broke down old Ranger sir, two years with Division LRSD (Long Range Surveillance Detachment) at Ord.  I don’t fool with the green beanies, hell, I didn’t even volunteer for the Ranger Course – The old man got p***** off because I was snowbirding at 5-21 IN waiting on orders from DCSPERS and “encouraged” me to volunteer”, I told him.

“Yeah”, said the retired Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, “I guess Shinseki figured if he issued the entire f****** army black berets they’d instantly become expert marksmen, over-max their PT tests, run through the Ranger stakes every weekend, and the heavens would open, filling their f******brains with field-craft.  What an a**.”

I think I have a new shooting buddy.  No, I’m certain of it…When I asked him what his Ranger Course class number was, he replied “The last hard class, sonny.  You come out here this early on a holiday I guess we’ll run into each other again.”

Range work done and half of a freezing day off remaining, I suppose I’ll make the Chinese restaurant send over some Moo Shoo Chicken and Hot & Sour soup, then pick out a couple of movies to annoy my wife.  I’m back on the road Wednesday, her wrath will have abated by the time I return.

Travel Diary: Panama City (PC), FL, day five, part V

Rainy day? As Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday would say, “That’s just my game.”

Worcestershire and Tabasco remain in the room aplenty, and you can see I’ve procured gluhwein for my bride. Perhaps some oysters on the half shell first?